Stefano Leonardi / Antonio Bertoni
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Stefano Leonardi – flute, sulittu, dilli kaval, bass xun, launeddas (mancosedda, tumbu)

Antonio Bertoni – cello, guembri

label: Astral Spirits, 2021

Recorded by Antonio Bertoni on October 26, 2018, live acoustic sound, no overdubs

Mixed and mastered by Antonio Bertoni

First pressing of 200 on green foil cassette shells

Layout & Cover Art by Jaime Zuverza

Liner Notes by Ettore Garzia

The imaginative sonic vision of ‘Viandes’ transforms the conventional interplay between a musician who blows a metal or wooden tube and musician who bows or frets a stringed instrument something completely different, a unique, out-of-time and out-of-place experience. […] Mysterious textures that shift, shape and re-contextualize the archaic sounds of the traditional instruments.

 Eyal Hareuveni,

Een hoogtepunt is het zeer intieme titelstuk. Een bijna klassieke partij blaast Leonardi hier, op een wederom zeer ritmische patroon van Bertoni. En ook hier vinden we weer overduidelijk die folk invloeden.

 Ben Taffijn,


Una rara sessione di bellezza e simulazione strumentale, di energia e di istinti, capace di farci vivere le esondazioni dei suoni […] Apologia del futuro in difesa della musica.

 Ettore Garzia, from liner notes