Stefano Leonardi (*1978 in Trento, Italy).
He began playing the flute at the age of eight, receiving a classical training.

From 2005 to 2008 he studied with Stefano Benini and Geoff Warren.

Self-taught on jazz flute, his first recording was in 2008 with Matteo Turella, Paolo Ghetti and Carlo Alberto Canevali – “E-Ray”  for Splasc(H) Records.

In 2010 he released “Moiré” (Nu Bop Records) with Flut3ibe, a sextet that includes three flutes (Stefano Benini, Michele Gori, Stefano Leonardi) and rhythm section (Matteo Turella, Enrico Terragnoli, Nicola Stranieri), open to free improvisation, imaginary folklore and elaboration of jazz standards.

2014 marks the release of his first album with Stefano Pastor, Fridolin Blumer and Heinz Geisser on Leo Records, “Conversations About Thomas Chapin”.

As an improviser and performer, he is often on stage and plays topical and new music, focusing especially on improvised music. His major inspirations are black american music, european classical music and various folk musics.

“Leonardi plays different flutes and uses them effectively, especially the bass flute. He gets a big sound from it.”

Bernie Koenig, Cadence Magazine

“Interactions joyful and artistic, with plenty of space and a talent for spontaneous melodies.”

Steve Holtje, Culture Catch

“Leonardi mostra una padronanza dello strumento a tutto tondo, non solo per l’ampiezza del repertorio tecnico tipico del flauto, ma per l’uso assolutamente interattivo che ne fa, scevro dal virtuosismo e con un suono dolce e vellutato, preciso e controllatissimo.”

Antonio Terzo, JazzColours